Friday, March 18, 2011

kadang2 rasa mcm blog ni satu tggjwb pon ada. as if you're alive tau


this week is awesome! eh, not awesome. but i like lah! Alhmdulillah sgt2. bcs why? bcs i filled up my times with me doing beneficial stuffs and not just melangok jd pemalas tgok tv berangan goyang kaki.. ? bukan, goyang kaki dan berangan and stuffs yg org2 malas suka buat (which also means yg i slalu buat hehe). i feel soo thankful to Allah as i know tht He has been helping me and help and help and help me a lot lot lot lot lot and so lot along my days in this week, Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah (can you see how thankful i am now?)

talking about work..

the first form tht i posted was for mr H who stays in P, his loan can go until 45k.
the second form i posted was for Puan R whose applying loan for 60k.
being full of spirit, i was happily distributing flyers aroung (aroung? masuk tengganu pulok doh) my house area and you can guess what was the respond with ths kind of smiley :D! siap ada tanda seru lagi uh

one of my neighbour called. Farah Nabilah yg cun, Kak N yg comel nak buat fresh loan, boleh pg smpai berapa eh? jeng jeng jengg

128, 900 wo! 
two days passed by, and the loan was submitted! it was the third form i posted to a client but it came as the first submission to be sent. Alhamdulillah, sgt2 bersyukur. the first form posted got problem sikit and the second one, insyaAllah isnin dpt. can you see now how Allah planned? tah i rasa mcm cantik sgt.

ya Allah, aku bersyukur atas segala kenikmatan dan rezeki yg Kau kurniakan padaku, oleh itu, lindungilah aku drpd sifat alpa dan leka dgn semua kesenangan ini supaya aku tidak menjadi seorg yg riak dan sombong, ikhlaskan lah hatiku dlm setiap perkara yg aku lakukan, semoga ianya membawa kebaikan kepada ku dan semua. amiin

and oh, i was at Michael Buble concert last sunday. hehehe, all sponsored by Audi. eh? if im not mistaken lah. Qistina's father got sponsored and there was one ticket left which was supposed to be her aunt's ticket but she cancelled last minute so then i got a call from Qis while i was still dreaming, she was inviting me like

Farah! jom Farah, mlm ni kita pg concert Michael Buble, awk tahu takkk ticket dia 850 tp ni ktorg dpt free! ha jom jom! Michael Buble ni Farahh.
and i was like,

okayy. tp siapa Michael Buble?


sorry Encik Aziz, or, any MB's big fan, or small, or medium? salah orang nak ajak kan, i know, but wht to do, i dah pergi dah pon hehe. and now i dah tahu siapa Michael Buble. so, no offense! at least i can say that he is adorable! happy tak i puji penyanyi kesayangan you? hehehehihihihokk

meh i buat you lagi happy meh

hehe padahal

being excited and jakon for out first time goin to a concert

lupa pula ini concert Michael Buble kan

very descent, not that huhahahokhekk monkey2 one
Qistina was so very the excited
MB went down from the stage, evryone was tryin to hold his hand
unlucky us, we were sitting on the upper level so dpt jerit je

 come heree! we love you!
nak tengok muka dari jarak dekat je sbnrnya

ni nice kan. ada kertas2 jatuh
and this time, he was singing. WITHOUT MIC
oh. did i tell you that everytime MB sings
ada jiran tempat duduk kitorang, seorg pakcik dlm linkungan 50 tahun gitu, confirm jadi camni

 he memorised every single lyrics in every single songs tht MB sang, dgn feel and gaya sbiji gini. hulomok, part ni Qistina kalah la

so this is the hall
going back with org gila
and goodbye
thanks adorable!
 hehe happy tak? i suka buat org happy ni, tak suka buat org jealous je


chalo bete

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