Friday, May 28, 2010

study group, sleepover

hi everybody.

okay so where do i start ? 

today, i went to study group with goya, syi, yam, maddy, yang, man and eju at nadia's house. she has one lovely house where the garden is full of tranquility, just like sha's house. we ordered domino's which is very rare for me to eat, the chili flakes burned evryone's tongue and lips. nadia is concerned about our tastiness, she keeps on bancuh sarsi for us. i still remember the first moment when goya entered the house after one hot foot-travel to nadia's house from hers, the first thing that she said is 'nak air tu sikit boleh tak?' as the only thing that she can see on tht time is that luscious cold sarsi. (tak tahu lah perkataan luscious tu boleh digunakan utk air atau tidak tp utk menggambarkan keadaan air yg menggiurkan tu kita boleh kan aja ye) sadly, resdung attacked me today, it was a bad taste in the mouth especially when im somewhere else with my friends surround me and im actually planning to study, but i end up with tons of tissues. until i need to bring one BOX of nad's tissue to used on my way back home, that bad my resdung is. yang gave me a help by sending me to my house, she drove, nice right. but i passed by ww (wangsa walk)for a while to take the key from my mother. yes, my family were there hanging out, masa tu juga lah aku sakit en, mmg ummmhhh, terbaik dr ladang. haha (syepy you must be smiling right now) i have a long talked with yang, im gonna tell you that it was like syok habisss. haha sumpah best doh hang dgn kau. and oh, sulhi which is yam's open relationship with is a friend of my brother and i asked him whether abang got any girlfriend or not, half surprised, he said ada lah koooot. haha kantoi! i've thought it before and now i am confirmed! yes. hahaha no wonder he is 24/7 with his phone smpai nak otp pon kat luar rumah, dah pandai skrggg. haha. how is he eh right now at upnm? kena regging and all tak? for eju, goodluck aite, just throw away tht 'not-suitable-to' ego :)

a friend told me that

"kau jgn percaya seratus peratus doh apa orang ckp, kau kenal orang tu sendiri baru kau tahu and baru kau boleh nilai"

so ye ah tu, ill judge one by getting to know ones myself. but ill be aware. termasuk dia

dan dia :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

whataya want from me

hello everybody, i am so "busy body" lately

cikgu Jannah is the one who likes to say it like that, makes us understanding that she and her whole body is very busy so leave me alone! said cikgu Jannah deeeeep in her heart kaaaannn hehe :D talking about cikgu Jannah, Razen noticed and told me that cikgu Jannah is like my sister, her behaviour reminds him of me, i was like whaaaattt? okay tak pon, to be frank, im not very shock since i really can get along with her well, we can talked ....jap2  (HAHA MY SISTER YG TENGAH TIDUR TENGAH MENGIGAU! SHE WAS LIKE "INI PASAL PERASAAN" AND SOMETHING CLOSE TO THAT AND I SAID " HAH? PERASAAN APA NI KAK? "  SHE REPLIED "ENTAHLAH, KESAH? " HAHAHA SO I JUST SAID " YEAHH KESAH LEMAAAN " hehe gotcha! this is the second time i caught her mengigau-ing, wwohh i like it! haha now i have my point if she wants to bad-mouth about my frequenciness (is that a word? o.O ) of mengigau-ing, eh cop, did i just post about kakakku mengigau in my blog? oops tak sengaja hehe :P ) 

okay back to our topic, cikgu Jannah she can understand students at her fingertips, just dont ever mess with her bcs you'll get the payback like double times. hm, bila Razen ckp camtu, i just look at teacher for some times, observing, is this how im gonna look like when im a teacher somedaaaay ? hmmm cool ! XD

about my mid-year/separa exam, this is how it goes

BAHASA MELAYU            ticked

BAHASA INGGERIS          ticked

SEJARAH                           ticked

my sleep and eat timetable messed up, 
next week is killing subjects! 7 more to annihilate!

i want to post about this some one i missed so much and we havent been in touch for almost 5 months, and how i missed the bond, the good times between us, oh i will post about you, i will. just wait for the time :,)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the mind-traffic-light is red red red, jgn baca entry ni

hi :) i just got back from tuition, i tried out prestige's classes for chemistry add math and sejarah fosho. my mind is fully stuck since my classes started from 4 until the last one hour which is 10, gila kentut kan. i got a lot of things to think and i am so messed up. english test is like another 8 hours and i havent read anything yet, very gooood. my first impression towards mr Siva who is teaching us sejarah in prestige and also, the owner of prestige is like damn, how old are you? very young meh, handsome too (wink) he must be damn rich since he owns 2 branches of prestige. i thought he is this cool and quite garang one but i am so wrooong, the way he thought us in f4 class, he is like a pest, well he told us that, only that he added the word of adorable back there. um, i hope he didnt mean it?  hehe. lalalala  bye, (kan dah ckp jgn baca)

Friday, May 14, 2010


ahhh, geram betul bila semangat nak tulis blog tapi bila dah depan mata terus blank. kang post blank entry kang ha. okay so teachers day is next week, monday. im performing a song from Mariah Carey along with piano. fuhhh if only i could say that. and actually perform like that. memang bangga tak payah tunggu teachers day ah, tiap2 minggu pon aku record taruk you-tube. mana tahu tiba nasib mcm zee avi ke. kaya der. but if only lah kan. haha tak lah, tak nak pon. but its true that im performing together with Azila Qistina Rahman Apis and Cikgu Jannah for sure. ill try to record and post it in here, if my acting is good lah hehe, wish me luck aite :)

sir Ven was late so Miegha and I get on her scooter to buy getah rambut since i left it somewhere, i dont know where bcs i just washed my hair and it was wet, i got really rimas so we went to giant, even kedai serbaneka 99 was just 2 doors next to our tuition center haha (nmpk sgt nak melalak) on our way back, suddenly the rains dropped, we thought its just going to be a light rain but after a few minutes, the rains dropped like crazy, we were like aaaaaaaaaaaaaa, i saw a group of guys laughing at us, siod. when Miegha turns to this one corner, a car horned at us and we looked at him right after that and guess what, he showed us the thumb up. jahat gila! berlagak sgt lah dgn kereta kau tu, nanti accident ke kena pecah tingkap ke org curi tayar ke padan muka. masuk tution sejuk gila, dgn baju yg lencun siap boleh perah lagi duduk dalam air-cond pehhh.

Farah : ya Allah, Miegha, betul ke ni Malaysia Miegha? dah mcm kat Switzerland dah ni ha, snow je takde

memang sejuuuk sgt, paling kesian Miegha lah psl dia yg bawa so dia agak mcm shelter me from terkena secara extra hehe, syg lah you awww

i went for my tuition from 3-9 pm, imagine lah, very damn hectic. tak dapat tengok adamaya. im quite depressed lately, i thinked a lot of things, unnecessary things. my tears rolled down on my cheek just now in the car. i really feel like talking to kakyong, yes, i miss you. i am so stressed, my heads are spinning like tornado, just stiffer. i feel very sorry to my mother, i feel very guilty like im menyusahkan her even it is her responsibilty but i should make it easier, not harder :,(

im off to do some revision now, hopefully i dont fall asleep after drinking a can of white coffee classic of old town, bought from 7e, i just knew old town got its own keluaran, even they are also selling 3 in 1 punya bancuh sendiri tau. coooooool, hehe, night ya all, assalamualaikum :)

*study is now my priority, its a must must must !

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

push yourself beyond the limits

hai semua :) masuk ni dah kali kelima tulis padam tulis padam sbb dah lama sgt tak update so skill nak menulis pon dah merajuk. so tu kira pujuk balik lah, warm up kan sikit. tp biasalah, mcm sukan, bila dah lama tak main, performance pon menurun, serupa lah dgn situasi saya skrg ini jd kalau ayat mengarut2, boleh tekan butang exit TAPI, lepas dh habis baca sampai perenggan akhir ye. terima kasih. sy berada dalam dilema skrg ini di mana sy nak wirte in english tapi saya suka tulis dlm bhs melayu. takkan nak buat dwibahasa pula kan kat sini, mmg tak dapek lah. so i just write like my heart lah kan (sukahati)

SPM is just around the corner, i really have got to work my butt to achieve my goals, which is straight A's and which when i still failed my science subjects on the last test. i know ive spoiled my form 4 years though i realized that its important for me not to play around back then but it just happened without me noticing that i only got another 5 months before answering those intricate paper that technically will lead to my future. sigh, seriously, so sad. how fast time flies kan, i cant imagine my life without school? fuyoh? :,(
now i just have to bite the bullet. my friends good performance in exam intimidate me to study harder, though sometimes i feel so ashamed of myself, ive got my backbones that always support me and keep telling me that i can do it. everything is right infront of your eyes Farah, you just have to grab it. you cannot get more until you are more.

"Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself"
my mid year examination is next week. and it will finish after like half month, gila lama kan. this time, im going to struggle like unusually me. insyAllah. i hope my mood doesnt fluctuate like typical Farah. this is a big venture Farah, kalau kau boleh buat gila ah. make your dreams come true Farah, its not too late and its never too late. um well, if it is pon, its better late than never kan. prove to the boastful people who always look down on you, make your parents proud of you Farah, stop them from worrying about you at all times. by hook or by crook  CAIYOK!

aha that paragraph is more to myself. yelah bayangkan mcm semangat gila nak study, dah duduk baca2, tak sampai 30 minit kepala dah terangguk2, mata tanpa disedari dah tertutup, tampar muka sikit terbuka balik, baca lagi, mata tertutup lagi, so okay lah tidur sekejap lepas ni bangun balik. tidur tidur tiba2 dah pagi. hmh memang, bangun terus sbnrnya

i just watched ADAMAYA this evening, and hoi, seronok gila :D comel sgt budak perempuan tu, gila terror berlakon okay. unfortunate me, the series are playing at evening, where most of my class tuitions are at the same time. nak tengok kat internet ada pula masa. cano? :,(

i love HUGH DARCY ! ♥ ♥ ♥

i will be missing this huge pornstar, you want a getaway? you have it now, just dont get me away from your mind. and from your heart too. fulfill yr promise to call me aite. i wanna know how a manja girl can live on her own foot haha :P i know yr attitudes girl, you are a new blood there so bare that in yr mind, jgn galak sangatt. kecuali jumpa laki hensem terus call yah okay *wink* haha

wow, ada juga orang mcm ni rupanya. oi, stop annoying people cos you are so not cool like that? jangan nak menyibuk sgt lah dlm hidup orang lain. kepada kau kau kau dan kau, takde kwn sendiri ke hah? lepas tu nk bajet2? ish? lepas tu pergi sekolah jgn ponteng kelas sivik, belajar adab2 menumpang di rumah orang. kalau cikgu sivik tak masuk, kelas agama kan ada. alasan apa lagi nak bagi, tudung terbakar? kena gigit tikus? ish. lepas tu rasa malu lah sikit bila dah buat salah dgn orang, boleh pula nak tunjuk2 muka dan berbaik2 dgn kawan2 kpd org yg kita dah buat salah tu? mcm apa kau, tak perlu tau? dah lah obvious. menyampah deeeeeeennnnnnnnnnn

tuition is now my second-home. but i had funs. i just love to talk with Miegha, cracks up jokes with Iylia Yassshh and Shahizah mostly. not forgetting Shira and the others, Qisse too and that noisy Tira. also Nadia yg dah lama gila tak dtg pasal softball (goodluck girl) and dak2 TAMAN keramat tuuu, haha they were funny i tell you. Debab Buntal & Saodah co. library is a promise date every after school, with my baby girlssss 

okayyy idea dah hilang dan terbang dan terbang. nak tunggu sayap dia patah dan jatuh semula mmg lambat lah an so ye, berakhir di sini saja coretan saya utk kali ini. jgn risau, lagi sikit je anda boleh peras the exit button tu. juga tahniah kpd anda, krn telah bersabar mmbaca post saya yg merepek ini. bagus, sabar itu sbhgn drpd iman. bertambah sabar, bertambah lah iman. haha ok ok, bye :)

can you believe that i wrote this post like 1 hour and 30 minutes? -_-