Friday, May 28, 2010

study group, sleepover

hi everybody.

okay so where do i start ? 

today, i went to study group with goya, syi, yam, maddy, yang, man and eju at nadia's house. she has one lovely house where the garden is full of tranquility, just like sha's house. we ordered domino's which is very rare for me to eat, the chili flakes burned evryone's tongue and lips. nadia is concerned about our tastiness, she keeps on bancuh sarsi for us. i still remember the first moment when goya entered the house after one hot foot-travel to nadia's house from hers, the first thing that she said is 'nak air tu sikit boleh tak?' as the only thing that she can see on tht time is that luscious cold sarsi. (tak tahu lah perkataan luscious tu boleh digunakan utk air atau tidak tp utk menggambarkan keadaan air yg menggiurkan tu kita boleh kan aja ye) sadly, resdung attacked me today, it was a bad taste in the mouth especially when im somewhere else with my friends surround me and im actually planning to study, but i end up with tons of tissues. until i need to bring one BOX of nad's tissue to used on my way back home, that bad my resdung is. yang gave me a help by sending me to my house, she drove, nice right. but i passed by ww (wangsa walk)for a while to take the key from my mother. yes, my family were there hanging out, masa tu juga lah aku sakit en, mmg ummmhhh, terbaik dr ladang. haha (syepy you must be smiling right now) i have a long talked with yang, im gonna tell you that it was like syok habisss. haha sumpah best doh hang dgn kau. and oh, sulhi which is yam's open relationship with is a friend of my brother and i asked him whether abang got any girlfriend or not, half surprised, he said ada lah koooot. haha kantoi! i've thought it before and now i am confirmed! yes. hahaha no wonder he is 24/7 with his phone smpai nak otp pon kat luar rumah, dah pandai skrggg. haha. how is he eh right now at upnm? kena regging and all tak? for eju, goodluck aite, just throw away tht 'not-suitable-to' ego :)

a friend told me that

"kau jgn percaya seratus peratus doh apa orang ckp, kau kenal orang tu sendiri baru kau tahu and baru kau boleh nilai"

so ye ah tu, ill judge one by getting to know ones myself. but ill be aware. termasuk dia

dan dia :)

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