Friday, May 14, 2010


ahhh, geram betul bila semangat nak tulis blog tapi bila dah depan mata terus blank. kang post blank entry kang ha. okay so teachers day is next week, monday. im performing a song from Mariah Carey along with piano. fuhhh if only i could say that. and actually perform like that. memang bangga tak payah tunggu teachers day ah, tiap2 minggu pon aku record taruk you-tube. mana tahu tiba nasib mcm zee avi ke. kaya der. but if only lah kan. haha tak lah, tak nak pon. but its true that im performing together with Azila Qistina Rahman Apis and Cikgu Jannah for sure. ill try to record and post it in here, if my acting is good lah hehe, wish me luck aite :)

sir Ven was late so Miegha and I get on her scooter to buy getah rambut since i left it somewhere, i dont know where bcs i just washed my hair and it was wet, i got really rimas so we went to giant, even kedai serbaneka 99 was just 2 doors next to our tuition center haha (nmpk sgt nak melalak) on our way back, suddenly the rains dropped, we thought its just going to be a light rain but after a few minutes, the rains dropped like crazy, we were like aaaaaaaaaaaaaa, i saw a group of guys laughing at us, siod. when Miegha turns to this one corner, a car horned at us and we looked at him right after that and guess what, he showed us the thumb up. jahat gila! berlagak sgt lah dgn kereta kau tu, nanti accident ke kena pecah tingkap ke org curi tayar ke padan muka. masuk tution sejuk gila, dgn baju yg lencun siap boleh perah lagi duduk dalam air-cond pehhh.

Farah : ya Allah, Miegha, betul ke ni Malaysia Miegha? dah mcm kat Switzerland dah ni ha, snow je takde

memang sejuuuk sgt, paling kesian Miegha lah psl dia yg bawa so dia agak mcm shelter me from terkena secara extra hehe, syg lah you awww

i went for my tuition from 3-9 pm, imagine lah, very damn hectic. tak dapat tengok adamaya. im quite depressed lately, i thinked a lot of things, unnecessary things. my tears rolled down on my cheek just now in the car. i really feel like talking to kakyong, yes, i miss you. i am so stressed, my heads are spinning like tornado, just stiffer. i feel very sorry to my mother, i feel very guilty like im menyusahkan her even it is her responsibilty but i should make it easier, not harder :,(

im off to do some revision now, hopefully i dont fall asleep after drinking a can of white coffee classic of old town, bought from 7e, i just knew old town got its own keluaran, even they are also selling 3 in 1 punya bancuh sendiri tau. coooooool, hehe, night ya all, assalamualaikum :)

*study is now my priority, its a must must must !

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