Friday, April 9, 2010

this is random. forgive my grammatical error

today is my first day sotballing on 2010. OTK (Oh Tuhan Ku) or OMG i really suppose to come earlier because it was hell lot of fun. hell lot of fun. you really should understand the feeling when someone repeat wht they are saying two times, do you? i mean you betterr. i laughed the hell out of me through the day, i practised much with Hazmy, Fatin, Syed and Faiz. and they said my throwing was good hehe but i suck in catching, haha sumpah lawak gila kalau korang tengok. its raining and the field looks like what ah? baru lepas banjir. ha tak reti aku nak sebut. our feet is totally weeetttt. smbil main rasa mcm tgh rendam kaki kat tioman tahu tak. blah blah blah blahhh I JUST CANT WAIT FOR TOMORROW (!) softballers here i come, im gonna rock you. ceh. hopefully the weather is doing fine. haha biasanya kan org tye how are you? oh im doing fine

i read Fifah's blog just now and she showed her tuition's schedule and expressing her tired-ness and stuff. well just look at mine. 

there you go. haaah kalau Fifah punya tu pon dia dah penat now tell me what should i define schedule yg penuh mcm ni. tak campur lagi dgn kelas tambahan Sir Ven every friday and saturday. and belum masuk lagi kelas tassawur every wednesday's night. very-the-cannot to be defined right?

things that are happening this week
-i had blast with my family and friends. i feel awesome when im with them, and sometimes i do feel that i dont need a boyfriend. i got enough loves from my loved ones, Alhamdulillah :,) thank you guys
-i cried a lot this week.i just dont know why, i get offended easily these days. now i understand what Teacher Fidzah had told us abt the fear we should feel when we are too happy bcs usually somethings bad is going to happen next. so, dont be happy. i mean like, TOO happy, okay ?
-i missed Sarah Ahmad Izuddin badly

i just couldnt write more bcs abang is very annoying right now. so goodnight fellas, have a sweet dream (walaupun korang baca waktu tengahari tapi time aku menulis ni tengah malam jadi, selamat malam)

and dont get too happy

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