Sunday, April 25, 2010

life isn't always bed of roses

Hi. im now writing in english to improve my bad-bad english language. father keeps telling me all these pros and never any cons about doing tessels after SPM since me either is clueless about my future dream. i can sense that he wants me to be a teacher, an english teacher, by far. english is damn important nowadays la wei, even my achik whose age is around 30 somethang paid for an english class. aku tak tahu lah anak2 murid aku nanti paham ke idok aku ajar. so for you guys who is reading my posts, you can actually betulkan all my grammatical error. just dont be sarcastic
(sebenarnya saya sgt meminati bahasa melayu, dari sekolah rendah lagi sbb tu saya suka gila Zahiril Adzim punya blog walaupun sgt lah bermadahpuitis tp saya rasa bhs melayu itu indah. sgt. tp entahlah. kalau nak tahu masa sekolah rendah markah bm saya tinggi2 tu pasal lah boleh cucuk2 jarum dgn cikgu Zarina guru BM, kalau buat salah buat muka kesian mesti berkesan xD  kalau tak percaya cuba pergi sktm2 dekat papan kenyataan blok b kot tingkat 3, nanti nampak kertas bm saya, bangga gila weh sampai skrg ada :')

okay back to this mat-salleh language, i just realized this feelings of mine towards art. head over heels. i love to DO arts, and not just see them, i feel them . chet! over gila haha here are some of my masterpiece 

there! haha well actually there is just a masterpiece of mine and some pictures of it. cantik kan :D

tomorrow is softball tournament and surprisingly im in it. wish us luck guys, to be humble, we need it. haha no, seriously, im shaking in my shoes. and in a long run, i am so going to miss our coach, c.Din. since im quite close to him and he is this type who always cracks up jokes and all the things that came from him is very useful for us though sometimes its quite makan dalam lah der. i still remember when he ask me to change my 'kasut but' after we finished our game and i just couldnt find it anywhere, i was all over the place dgn muka cuak tiba coach, eh ni apa, sambil pegang selipar yg hilang tadi. haha haih, im going to hit the hay now, and soon, im dead to the world, goodnight fellas, this is another boring post from me

pictures' lie. i am no longer that white, sob :,( 
my loved ones

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