Monday, February 6, 2012

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wah, saya tak sangka saya sedang menulis entry ini. setelah sekian lama tidak meng-update apa2. sy pon tak tahu cmne sy boleh ada kat sini. tp mungkin sbb sy tgh dlm mood nak buat something yg blh memanfaatkan org lain and sy terfikir nak share one of my experiences in evaluating time. to be honest sy sbnrnya tak ready lg nak update pape kat entry ni bcs my actual plan was to edit the appearance of  this blog first ke apa bg comey sikik kan. but wht to doo, no time, nanti kalau tangguh2 apa pun tak jadi. 

im going to share one of this matter im having in mind about time. i started to really appreciate time and really make full use of time last year, in my first sem. those who acknowledge my history would know why. but to give a picture of how important tht time was for me is like, um, a person who had like cried for almost every single day of her life realizing the mistakes tht she had make, the tears and the pain tht she caused to those she loves, the terrible experiences she decorates and the inner conflicts she faced along the way. and that was the time when she tried her best to stand up and stand up and stand up. stand up, still. 

ok, lepas tu im being very particular and strict with time especially when it comes to my studies. and suddenly, something came accross my mind. mcm, eh am i being soooo punctual and strict and not having fun with my life here? hmmmm, this question knocks harder when some of my classmates look very chill, enjoying their time, leisurely. 

so, sy pon mcm, ok, mungkin awk kena relax sikit kot, mcm cuba me-leisure-kan masa tu. relax jee. but it turns out that, i dont know! some parts of me rasa im not being productive, then come a voice saying nevermind, u are actually using yr time smoothly without rushing and having yr serenity.. lagi pun cuba tgok kwn2 yg tu, relaxx je. and those tendency when people around you doesn't look guilty and have no problems not appreciating tht certain value like you do. last2 rasa aku yg over berdisiplin kot. 

in one evening, i went to halaqoh with Amrah :) the person in charge for my group is kak Dayah, as usual. hehe. and im very happy that the topic was about time. how important time is. she herself had make an experiment on the difference of the effectiveness on time when you make plan and vice versa, especially when it arrives to the basic needs we are doing every day. mcm mandi ke makan ke semua tu org selalu lepak2, me-leisure2 kan masa tu. pdhl kalau kumpul2 byk gila kot benda blh buat.

this is a significant quotation kak Dayah shared with us tht has left a profound impact to me :B
Jika hari ini lebih baik dari semalam, maka beruntunglah orang tersebut,
Jika hari ini sama saja dgn semlam, maka rugilah org tersebut,
Jika hari ini lebih buruk dr semlam, maka celakalah org tersebut. 
this quotations are related with time, its about what we have used our time for? before going to sleep, ask yourself, what more have you done today? for you yourself, and for Islam? did u use your time wisely or wittingly leisuring yr time?

and kak Dayah said tht,

" if kita tak sibukkan diri kita dgn kebaikan, maka kejahatan and keburukan akan menghampiri kita."
i was imagining the evil comes with horror background music and that evil yet exciting face being happy to find a new victim of sins. wuuuhuhuhuhuuu

masa tu mmg i praised and praised Allah and the very sgt grateful to Him. i was like, hahhh, there you go Farah Nabilah. Allah gives you the answer now.

what i thought before was one kind of mind set that is actually a barrier for me to do right things. one kind of lies the devil has whispered into me.

now don't concern too much about others but how you yourself value that something. if you know and you realize that its important, then don't bother think if others are not doing the same thing as you. just do what you know is right even when others are not. because that does not mean you are alone. look up to the sky, close your eyes,

you know that Allah is always with you.


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