Saturday, March 13, 2010

so much for 'every clouds has its silver lining' now i know how it feels

its 7:24 pm and i suppose to take my bath now. i am sick. sick of sicking. do you understand that? no? me either. ish. it started on thursday, i got sakit tekak. and God knows how much i hate sakit tekak, plgg benci, well after selesema. but i thought the pain is not for long, until raihan (my tuition classmate) said like 'awak nak demam kot' uish im freaking out right after that. but i just hope that its not true, naah. unfortunately, mulut raihan tu masin tauuu, i got fever the next day, which is yesterday. i went to school and im all in cold. my friends were asking me to call my mom and take me home but i was like 'kau nak halau aku en'. so yes i did call my mom, she said ' TAK PAYAH LAAAAH' so i was fine, well i didnt really feel like going home bcs of the fever, im not that 'mengada and manja', its just that im too lazy to study heh he

i called mom for the second time and she picked me up at 10. i took panadol actifast 3 times already on that day, for me banyak gila tau aku telan pil utk sehari ni and guess what, IT DIDNT WORK. things getting worse when timbul bengkak2 around my eyes, while me and my family were up having dinner at Kak Eita Steamboat and i didnt even taste a slurp of the tomyam sup with all the seafoods bcs i CANNOT. resdung. urgh, so sad, i love tomyam. aku duduk tepi tu makan nasi lemak sorang2, dah lah ayam dia keras, tak guna punya restoran bagi ayam yg dah lama pstu panaskan blk, eh pasar mlm punya nasi-goreng-ayam-berempah lagi 'kelas' lah. we went to the clinic straight away after dinner, kakyong accompanied me to the doctor and she was all over telling everyone tht doctors job will be on ease if every patients were like me bcs their work is just to listen and analyse and give medicines since i blurbs everything out that the doctor doesnt have any question to ask anymore. haha

the worse part is i didnt manage to go to Kuala Gandah to see kawan jay-low ceh takde ah, the elephants and all. duit aku burn mcm tu je. this is not the first time. mwt unplugged? eish, i already spent 53 ringgit for nothing. and i, was, pissed-off,


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